Globle offers a simple yet challenging gaming experience that is accessible to players worldwide, and best of all, it's currently free to play! In Globle, the objective is to guess the Mystery country of the day. While it may sound straightforward, it can prove to be quite a challenging task. Similar to the rapid rise in popularity of Wordle, Globle has gained significant traction and now boasts over 1 million daily players.

How To Play

Start by entering your first guess, which should be the name of a country. Your guess will be displayed on the map, along with the distance to the Mystery country indicated below the world map. This distance serves as a clue, giving you an idea of how close or far you are from the correct answer.


Here are some strategies that players commonly employ while playing Globle:

  1. One popular strategy is to make your first two or three guesses in different regions of the world. This approach helps narrow down the possible location of the Mystery country within a few moves.
  2. If the displayed distance is relatively short (e.g., less than 1000 km or miles), it suggests that the correct answer might be a neighboring country. On the other hand, if the distance exceeds 8000 km or 5000 miles, it indicates that you should focus your guesses on another region or continent.

It's important to note that there are 193 sovereign nations recognized by the United Nations, and the Mystery country in Globle could be a smaller or lesser-known nation. Having a world map handy can be useful in case you get stuck during gameplay.


Some additional details about Globle's answers and hints:

  • Alternative Spellings: Globle accepts some alternative spellings for countries. For example, "Burma" is accepted as a valid answer for "Myanmar."
  • Small Territories: Many small territories are not included in the game, such as Curaçao.
  • Exploring the Globe: You can zoom in and rotate the globe to explore and assess your next guess.
  • France and UK Territories: When guessing "France" or "UK," the game does not highlight their numerous territories scattered around the world.
  • Disputed Borders: Some countries have disputed borders. As geography can be a sensitive topic, the game's author encourages players to reach out with any concerns or suggestions.


  • Inspiration: Globle draws inspiration from both Wordle and "Secret Country" geography games.
  • Open-Source Development: The game is developed using React and is open-source, allowing for community contributions and enhancements.
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