Who Are Ya? is an engaging word-guessing game centered around the world of sports, particularly football (soccer). It shares similarities with Wordle, offering an enjoyable gameplay experience. In this game, your objective is to guess the names of soccer players within eight attempts.

How To Play

In-game Help:

After making four guesses, you can utilize the "Show player's club" button, which displays the badge of the club the player belongs to. This can provide a helpful clue in your quest to guess the player's name.

Daily Reset:

Similar to Wordle, Who Are Ya? resets daily at midnight in your local time zone. This means you can start fresh with a new puzzle as soon as the clock strikes 12. After completing a game, you can view your stats and also see the countdown to the next quiz under the "Newly joined footballer" label.


The game provides two levels for you to choose from:

  • Hide Photo: This level presents a challenge without any blurred image hints. If you prefer a more difficult experience, this option is for you. Guessing becomes more challenging without the aid of visual cues.
  • Show Photo: In this level, a blurred image of the player is displayed, making it easier to guess. With each failed attempt, the image gradually becomes clearer, revealing the player's identity.

You can enable or disable photos at any time within the game's settings.

Key Features

Who Are Ya? allows you to revisit and play past challenges from the previous few days. To access an older challenge, simply navigate to Who Are Ya? and click on the calendar icon located on the left side of the player's image.

Additionally, you have the option to choose other sports for word-guessing on the left-hand side. Sports categories include Baseball, Basketball, Celebrity, Cricket, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Racing, Tennis, and Volleyball.


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