Flagle is an educational guessing game designed to expand your knowledge about countries and the world. In Flagle, your task is to correctly guess the country whose flag is hidden, using no more than six attempts. With each unsuccessful guess, you unlock another part of the hidden flag. Additionally, you receive valuable geographical hints about the location of the target country, making Flagle an excellent way to improve your geographical skills.

How To Play

  1. Start by tapping on the box below the hidden flag. This will open a list of countries to choose from. While you can initially select any country, it's important to ensure you have sufficient knowledge about its location to utilize the subsequent geographical clues effectively.
  2. Utilize the hints provided about the direction and distance from the selected country to the target country to make your second guess.
  3. The number of kilometers displayed will indicate the approximate distance to the target country, helping you narrow down your options.
  4. An arrow will indicate the direction in which you should look for the country whose flag is hidden, providing you with additional guidance.
  5. You have a total of six attempts to guess the correct country. After each unsuccessful attempt, a new part of the flag will be revealed until the entire flag is shown.

Enjoy the engaging challenge of Flagle, broaden your knowledge of countries, and enhance your geographical skills as you strive to correctly identify the hidden flags!


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