Sedecordle is an engaging charade game that challenges players to uncover hidden words. Similar to Wordle, it features multiple levels of varying difficulty and allows for simultaneous puzzle-solving.

How To Play

While Wordle tasks players with guessing a 5-letter word in 6 attempts, Sedecordle grants players 21 additional attempts to decipher the same 5-letter word.

In this thought-provoking game, players must uncover 5 mysterious letters from a pool of 16 vocabulary words. Successfully guessing each hidden word aids in determining the remaining terms, with the ultimate goal of discovering the basis for all the remaining words.

Utilize the suggestions provided, highlighting correct and incorrect answers, to make accurate guesses for subsequent words. Each round offers players 21 attempts, with grayed-out letters indicating they cannot be used again. The first guess applies to all words, and the game interface displays true and false letters to assist players throughout their gameplay.


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