Heardle is a game that challenges players to identify songs. While it draws inspiration from Wordle, it stands on its own with unique features. Similar to Wordle, Heardle is a daily guessing game where participants have six opportunities to guess the song of the day.

Considered a musical homage to Wordle, the game features popular songs by renowned artists, chosen randomly. The challenge lies in recognizing the song with minimal cues and in the shortest time possible, showcasing your musical spontaneity.

Playing Heardle requires more than luck; it demands a deep knowledge of various music genres. By deciphering the game's hints, you can establish an impressive winning streak. Before delving into the gameplay, let's explore the game's history and rules.

How To Play

In Heardle, players are presented with a daily music challenge on Soundcloud. Similar to Wordle, players have six attempts to accurately guess the song. However, Heardle introduces unique aspects and rules that set it apart.

Unlike traditional word-guessing games, Heardle doesn't use grids or keyboards for letter inputs. The game's clues deviate from the typical color scheme of green-gray-yellow. Instead, Heardle focuses less on colors and more on auditory cues.

To decipher the music with just six guesses, you rely on hints provided in the first 16 seconds of each song. These hints are designed to keep players engaged and informed. If you need a clue, you can swap an attempt to receive another piece of the music. However, you can't do both simultaneously; it's a choice between using or skipping the chance for an auditory hint.

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