Foodle is an ideal puzzle game tailored for food enthusiasts. Dive into the world of food, cooking, and restaurants as you embark on an exciting culinary journey. Upon starting the game, you're presented with an empty grid on your screen. Your mission is to uncover and fill the grid with the right 5-letter words associated with food. Beware, you have only six attempts to correctly guess the words and complete the grid.

How To Play

  1. Utilize the on-screen keyboard to type your first 5-letter word. Remember, only food-related words are accepted in this game. It's recommended to start with commonly used words, such as "SAUCE."

  2. Press the "Enter" button to submit your answer.

  3. After each attempt, you will receive colored hints to guide you. Decode their meanings: Green tiles indicate that the correctly chosen letters are in the right positions. If you see yellow tiles, it means you have chosen the correct letter but placed it incorrectly. Gray tiles signify that the selected letters do not appear in the word at all.

  4. If needed, use the "Backspace" button to delete unnecessary words and letters.

  5. Aim to guess all food-related words as swiftly as possible and enhance your culinary knowledge while having fun!

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