Dordle is an exciting variation of Wordle that adds a unique twist to the gameplay. While the basic mechanics remain the same, Dordle challenges you to guess not just one, but two words simultaneously in order to progress. But don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity; there's more to this game than meets the eye.

How To Play

The objective of Dordle is to discover the correct answers and complete the puzzles in the shortest time possible. When you dive into Dordle, you'll be given seven attempts per round to overcome the challenge before you. The game employs a two-square system, allowing you to concentrate all your attention on swiftly guessing each word within three or four attempts. However, keep the following points in mind:

  1. You have a maximum of seven incorrect guesses, so aim to solve the puzzle swiftly.
  2. Each attempt must consist of at least five distinct characters.
  3. When you correctly guess a word, the letter colors will change to green, yellow, or gray, indicating the accuracy of your selection.
  4. The game concludes when you solve all the puzzles in record time. To embark on a new round, simply return to the home page and click or tap on Dordle. You'll be presented with fresh, more challenging puzzles. Explore different strategies to quickly unravel the enigmas and uncover intriguing solutions.

Tips And Tricks

To aid you in completing the missions within the allotted time, here are some helpful tips and tricks. Firstly, determine the optimal moment to switch your focus from one word to the other. Begin by making your first 1-2 attempts on the board, aiming to extract as much information as possible from the experience. Once you identify the first word, promptly start typing the second one. This efficient approach saves you time and effort for subsequent rounds.

Additionally, consider the following ideas to develop your own daily solutions:

  1. To achieve the best results, prioritize following a general rule. Start with 2 to 3 vowels (eliminating numerous words) and some commonly used consonants such as L, T, and Y. If you struggle to find the correct first word, begin with "Latin," which meets all the aforementioned requirements, and gradually build your list from there.
  2. Offer as many clues as possible to facilitate completing the mission within the remaining six attempts.
  3. If you find yourself lacking ideas for finding the answer, consult the player support section for suggestions and save valuable time.


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