Enter the intense world of ZomsRoyale.io, a thrilling multiplayer survival game that unfolds in a Battle Royale arena. Equipped with a parachute, you descend onto the deadly battlefield, scavenging for resources and forging alliances. Build bases, confront zombie hordes, and eliminate hostile players as you strive to become the ultimate Zombs champion.

How To Play

Game Modes

ZomsRoyale.io offers four main game modes, all united by the Battle Royale concept. In the expansive MMO battlefield infested with zombies, 100 players clash and must adapt as the play area gradually shrinks over time. The four game modes include:

  • Solo: Go it alone as a fearless warrior.
  • Duos: Team up with a partner for a dynamic duo.
  • Squads: Form a four-player team and conquer together.
  • Limited Time: Engage in ever-changing game modes that rotate periodically.

Weapons and Health

Discover an array of weapons and resources scattered throughout the map. Simply walk over loot to claim it after opening chests. Loot encompasses a variety of weapons, potions, and ammunition.

Weapons come in different rarities, ranging from common to mythic. Beware, if you possess coveted mythic weapons, rivals will eagerly pursue you in an attempt to seize them.


Express your individuality with a plethora of customizable options. From emotes to outfits, melee skins, sprays, and backpacks, tailor your character to your liking.

When you create an account on Zombs Royale, you gain access to an extensive selection of cosmetic items that enhance your visual appeal. While they don't provide in-game advantages, they certainly make you stand out.


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Press M or Tab to view the map.
  • Interact with the environment using the E key.
  • Left-click to shoot.
  • Right-click to access the emoticon list.
  • Press R to reload.


  • Engage in massive 100-player battlegrounds.
  • Discover abundant loot to experiment with.
  • Customize your appearance with a variety of cosmetic items.


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