Ahoy, me hearties! Prepare to embark on a thrilling pirate battle royale in Yohoho.io! Your ship has been wrecked on a glorious island full of treasure, and it's up to you to fight off other pirates and claim as much booty as ye can!

How To Play

In this exciting online .io game, ye must search for treasure across the dangerous island while fending off rival pirates. Plunder their earnings to grow in size and become the mightiest pirate on Yohoho island. Hold and release to unleash a powerful dash attack that can send your enemies to Davy Jones' locker!


  • Use your mouse or WASD/arrow keys to move.
  • Press the left mouse button or space bar to attack. Hold to charge your attack.

Fight for treasure

Survive the shipwreck and embark on a quest for gold and glory. Explore the dangerous island in search of hidden treasures. Engage in fierce battles with rival pirates, plunder their earnings, and grow your pirate to secure victory on Yohoho island. Charge your dash attack by holding and releasing.

Beware of toxic fumes mate

Mysterious mist looms in the distance, posing a deadly threat. Yohoho.io is a battle royale game where the map gradually shrinks due to poisonous gas engulfing the area. Stay alert and avoid the toxic fumes to survive.

Spend your hard-earned gold coins

Visit the pirate shop and use your ill-gotten gold to acquire new characters. Choose wisely, as more expensive characters possess greater power. You can also purchase pets that provide benefits like health regeneration.

Become a seasoned pirate

Relax in your cabin, stroke your beard, and celebrate your achievements while sipping rum. Track various stats, including your kill count, on the home screen. Sign up and log in to save your progress across different devices.


  • Engage in multiplayer battle royales with other pirates.
  • Upgrade your characters and acquire powerful pets.
  • Enjoy the game on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Secure your progress by logging in and saving across devices.
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