Catching fish and selling them for cash is the goal of Tiny Fishing. Once you start selling some fish, you can use that income to enhance your fishing pole. By improving your pole, you may extend the length of your line and increase the number of fish it can retain. You will gain gold for every catch, and you can even locate some buried treasure as you are fishing.

How To Play

The controls are quite easy to use; all you have to do to cast your rod is press the cast button. To go as deep as you can, be careful to time it properly. Hold your mouse or finger in place and move it around while reeling in your line to catch fish. Click the spinner to set your casting distance. To catch fish, simply click and drag the hook left and right. You'll earn cash for all the fish you catch when your line hits the surface! Try to spend cash between casts to upgrade your skills and get new hooks.

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