Territorial.io is an exciting and strategic online multiplayer game that puts players in a world of territorial conquest and domination. Individuals strive to expand their territories, defeat opponents, and become the ultimate ruler. The final goal is to capture as many territories as possible and strategically fortify them to defend against rival players.

How To Play

Start by selecting a username and joining a game lobby. Once the game begins, each player is assigned a starting territory. The goal is to expand by conquering adjacent territories through strategic moves and clever planning. Players can attack neighboring territories or reinforce their own to ensure a strong defense.


Navigate the game board and interact with territories using mouse clicks or taps on touch-enabled devices. 


  • Customize avatar
  • Earn rewards
  • Chat functionality to communicate and collaborate in real-time


  • Prioritize defense by fortifying your territories.
  • Form alliances strategically to gain a competitive edge.
  • Carefully plan your moves to prevent overextension.
  • Keep an eye on opponents' strategies to anticipate their next moves.


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