is an exciting online game where you control a snake and battle for survival in a snake-filled arena. Eat colorful food to grow larger and defeat other snakes to become a formidable force to be feared.

Eat a lot to grow big

Join the exciting battlefield and prove your dominance as the greediest and slitheriest snake in the game. Move like a snake across the arena, devouring food to become the fattest snake around.

Move quickly and strike with precision

Hold down the left mouse button to move faster, consuming the energy from the food you've eaten. Be sneaky and attack other players to eliminate them. When you defeat a snake, you can devour the food they leave behind.

Customize your snake with cool skins

Once you've mastered the game, you can unlock various skins from the shop. Earn them by achieving high scores and playing consecutively. Show off your style and stand out in the snake world!

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