Short Life is an exciting physics platform game with a twist. You control a ragdoll character and your goal is to guide them safely through 16 challenging levels. However, be careful because the levels are filled with bloody and deadly traps.

How To Play

In each level, your objective is to keep the ragdoll safe to earn all 3 stars. You need to watch out for dangerous traps like spiked arms and arrows firing from pipes. Pay close attention to the in-game instructions and move carefully to avoid getting harmed.

As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter new and creative obstacles such as rolling barrels and explosive mines. Each level presents various obstacles that you must navigate around. Avoid touching spikes, jump over mines, and be cautious of other deadly traps. The traps can cause severe harm to your character, even blowing them into gory pieces!

This game requires precise timing and quick reflexes, but it's a lot of fun. Test your skills and see if you can safely guide the ragdoll through all the challenging levels!

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