Murder is a thrilling assassination game that will test your stealth and cunning. Your mission is to silently approach the unsuspecting king from behind and swiftly eliminate him. However, caution is paramount, as getting caught will lead to imprisonment in the dreaded dungeon.

Step into the shoes of a scheming vizier and experience the treacherous world of palace intrigue in Murder. Should you succeed in your assassination, you will claim the throne for yourself. But beware, as your cunning adviser is also vying for your crown. While the game is free to play, a single wrong move could cost you your life!

How To Play

  • Space - Charge and stab (as the killer)
  • Space - Look behind (as the king)

Tips And Tricks

  1. Do not hesitate to let your knife drop if the king glances back in your direction.
  2. Utilize the knowledge and skills acquired while playing as the adviser to spot any assassination attempts when you assume the role of the king. 
  3. Stay sharp, be vigilant, and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Murder.
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