Make It Meme is a lively and competitive multiplayer game that brings people together from around the globe to showcase their wit and humor in the form of memes. Once the game kicks off, each player is presented with a random meme and must unleash their creativity to craft a hilarious caption within the given time. Following this, all players have 15 seconds to rate the meme creations of their fellow competitors.

How To Play

The ultimate objective is to accumulate the highest number of points by the end of the game, securing the coveted title of the funniest memer.

Game Modes

Normal Mode

In this mode, every player is assigned a random meme and must devise an amusing text to accompany it. Subsequently, participants rate each other's memes, assigning points to their favorite creations. The player who amasses the most points emerges as the victor.

Same Meme

In each round of this mode, all players receive the exact same meme and must devise their own unique caption for it. The remainder of the gameplay follows the rules of the "Normal" mode, with participants rating each other's memes to determine the winner.

Relaxed Mode

For those seeking a stress-free and creatively liberating experience, the Relaxed Mode is ideal. Here, there are no time limits for meme creation, allowing players to refine their memes at their own pace. Memes are not judged or scored; rather, they are simply enjoyed and appreciated, fostering an atmosphere of maximum creative freedom and enjoyment.


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