Google Feud is an engaging and entertaining game that challenges players to complete Google search queries. Presented in a quiz format reminiscent of Family Feud, this game offers 10 possible answers for each question. With only 3 guesses at your disposal, strategize wisely to maximize your score!

How To Play

Google Feud is a captivating quiz game that strikes a balance between simplicity and mastery. As you delve into the queries, you'll encounter surprising, shocking, and amusing answers, trying to decipher what people search for and the reasons behind their queries.

Choose a Category

Google Feud comprises four distinct categories: culture, people, names, and questions. Each round revolves around a single query, allowing you three attempts to provide accurate responses. Once the round concludes, you can opt to continue within the same category or switch to a different one.

Play Google Feud

Every correct guess rewards you with a varying number of points, ranging from 1,000 to 9,000. However, beware! If you make three incorrect guesses, the round concludes, and no points are awarded. Think strategically and consider your choices carefully to maximize your score.

Unveiling Google Feud Answers

If you're seeking assistance with Google Feud, exploring the autocomplete suggestions on Google by typing in the partial phrase can provide valuable hints and insights.


  • Four captivating categories: culture, people, names, and questions.
  • Discover a wide range of amusing and bizarre answers.
  • Easy to grasp and play, but challenging to guess all ten answers correctly.
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