Experience the exhilarating country life as you cultivate your very own farm in Goodgame Big Farm! Take charge of planting and harvesting your fields while tending to adorable pigs and cows. Prove your business skill by selling your bountiful goods on the market. Reinvest your profits to continuously upgrade and expand your farm, ultimately achieving the status of the most renowned and prosperous farmer in the land!

How To Play

Maintain a steady cash flow by producing and selling various farming goods in Goodgame Big Farm. Utilize excess items to generate additional income. Raise chickens, cows, and pigs to obtain a range of products that can be sold worldwide. Realistic production cycles require patience, but you can still work on farm development while waiting. For example, you can use the time to collect eggs and transform them into delicious pies.

Building And Upgrades

With over 45 buildings and upgrade levels available, expand your farm and enhance its infrastructure in Goodgame Big Farm. Each level represents the growth of your farm, offering structures like windmills, chicken coops, and silos. Use your earnings to beautify your farm with decorative elements such as fountains and plants.

Join The Community

Engage with a vibrant community of over 35 million gamers worldwide in Goodgame Big Farm. Participate in island-building events and compete in missions alongside other farmers. Collaborate, interact, and discuss weekly content updates with fellow players, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the game.

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