Geometry Dash Yatagarasu (Yata) is an extremely tough level in the popular game Geometry Dash. It's a mega-collaboration that pays tribute to the Yatagarasu, a legendary three-legged crow from Japanese stories.

Yatagarasu was originally meant to be an upgraded version of the challenging level called Bloodbath. It took inspiration from The Hell Factory's song and had three special coins as rewards for finishing it. The level served as a worthy sequel to The Hell Factory and carried on the legacy of Cataclysm, its predecessor.

Yatagarasu is rated 10 stars, indicating its extreme difficulty and the need for precise skills to conquer it. It features a variety of tough obstacles, hazards. Players will have to showcase exceptional reflexes, timing, and mastery of the game's mechanics to conquer Yatagarasu and collect the three coins as completion bonuses.

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