The fun first-person shooter game Funny Shooter 2 pits you against hordes of ridiculous foes. To defeat these strange monsters, use a variety of weapons, and as you advance, expand your weaponry. Wander these exotic lands' colorful landscapes, picking off all manner of odd critters. The progression in this significantly upgraded version of Funny Shooter is superb, and it includes special adversaries, levels, weapons, achievements, and more.

How To Play

Redmen, toiletmen, giants, and other weird, bizarre, lifelike creations might all be your foes. Use a wide range of explosively-loaded weaponry, such as firearms, grenades, and other weapons, to cause serious harm to these funny targets. Awesome progression may be found in Funny Shooter 2. A new monster will appear every few levels, and a new boss will arrive every ten levels and must be defeated. There are upgrades, achievements, and a store where you can buy more powerful weapons as you progress through the game.

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