Flappy Dunk is a popular and entertaining game that combines the addictive gameplay of Flappy Bird with the challenge of basketball. In this game, players control a basketball and must navigate it through a series of hoops. The objective is to score as many points as possible by successfully passing the ball through the hoops without hitting the obstacles. Each successful pass earns a point, and the player's goal is to achieve the highest score possible.

How To Play

Tap the screen to make the basketball flap its wings and gain height. The key to success lies in timing the taps perfectly to avoid hitting the ground or any obstacles. 


  • The levels are designed to become progressively more challenging, with narrower gaps between the hoops and faster-moving obstacles. 
  • The game also offers various skins and themes to customize the basketball.


  • Focus on the gaps between the hoops and try to anticipate the movements of the obstacles. 
  • Practice tapping the screen with consistent timing to achieve better control over the basketball's flight. 
  • Maintaining a calm and steady mindset is crucial, as frustration or impatience can lead to mistimed taps and failures.
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