In Drive Mad, players maneuver a vehicle through a variety of courses while avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, and completing missions to gain rewards. One-finger controls are available for the game, and players may choose from a range of vehicles, including a snow plow, nitro-powered truck, and school bus. Additional game modes in Drive Mad include multiplayer and campaign mode, which pit players against one another.

How To Play

Your truck's big wheels will initially make it simple to avoid the obstacles. But, you'll need to exercise caution as time goes on, as it has the potential to quickly tip your vehicle upside down. Your vehicle will be totally destroyed and rendered useless by the flip. Once your vehicle has been turned around, you must restart the level. Drive Mad lets players control a different vehicle on each level so they don't grow bored after 100 levels of driving the same truck. Be the first player to the finish line by completing all the stages!


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